Our Story

FROST® is the result of years of training, passion, thoughtful reflection and dedication. FROST® creator & designer Dominique Caron has always had a passion for sustainable and ethical fashion products. “Fur and super soft textures have always held a special place in my heart since a young age; guiding my technical education and my vision for fashion … something about the touch and feel of these materials always gave me a chill, no pun intended! But bringing my vision to life in a transparent and a responsible way is what I am most proud of.”

In an eco conscious world fueled by a recent boom in micro studios, it is our responsibility to set the example. At FROST®, we believe that all design and production should carry the values of sustainability, but we also and especially expect that from luxury products.

FROST® is proud to launch its first wide collection to the market, bringing back fur with a style that fits the times! Our products are vibrant in color, entirely crafted by hand, made from 100% recycled fur and nothing but the most noble materials. Each final piece of FROST® that leaves our studio is unique in every way and an homage to its unique origins.

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