Product Care

Fur is a delicate material and should be treated with care. 

Here are some tips and tricks to maintain your unique piece in great condition. 

Looking for that extra bit of fluff? Try brushing the fur with a cat brush or scrub it gently against powdery snow (shedding is normal!)

In the warmer months, keep your fur products stored in cool temperatures. A cold room, a wine cellar, or anywhere that isn’t too warm and humid. We also suggest covering your items to protect them from any dust accumulation.

It is important not to let your beloved fur high end design pieces in very bright areas or under the summer sun. Colors tend to fade away and sometimes yellow with time (especially white fur) but worry not, it’s normal! If you are a local customer, simply contact our customer service team at we will happily clear and restore your item. Our recommendation is to do so once a year for a high use frequency.

Wear your FROST® proudly! Help us spread the word and enjoy your very own unique design piece that fits your beautiful and one of a kind personality.